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Compassion Well

Project Description

We were approached by business owner Rosemary about her idea to provide meditation and healing services to youths globally. Rosemary’s vision was to create a platform where she utilises her experience as a Heartful Communication trainer to provide her clients with meditation sessions as well as 1:1 healing sessions. 

We designed Compassion Well from scratch with a vast amount of input from Rosemary on the look and feel of the website. We utilised photoshop design in conjunction with Elementor Pro to develop the websites visual graphics. We developed the online store for the products to be listed and categorised each of the products. Rosemary can now track orders and downloads from the back end and ensure that her clients are catered for. With built in forms and automated emailing Rosemary can keep up with any questions that her potential customers may have.

We also designed the Logo for Compassion Well from Scratch using some of Rosemary’s inspiration. We also hosted a Social media training session where we talk through some of the best practices and systems to use when posting content to social media.

Compassion Well is due to Launch in May / June of 2021.

“I was very pleased from start to finish with The web design service was very professional, helpful, and great value for money. The company’s commitment and sincerity were apparent throughout. I had multiple changes and requests to do things differently. The company was highly adaptable and showed a consistent willingness to make these changes. All correspondence was managed efficiently.” – Rosemary Horan

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